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Long ago, a young girl named Cindy Pang began making cards by hand.




She sent them to pen pals, friends, family, and anyone who loved to smile. For pocket money, Cindy sold her wondrous creations to local shops and called her range “Pango Productions.” Cindy grew up loving colour and simple lines and would make playful characters out of them. Her imagination tugged at her sleeve, begging to run amok...

And then...wonders of wonders...
through fate and an urge to learn Mandarin, Cindy met David.

David was a creative writer, rugby player and all-around business guy. He had many special skills like sales, trade, production, making customers happy and most importantly, making the tea.

So Pango was born.

Our small independent studio in east London is now all grown up.

It is a happy place with happy people like Rosie, a true jack of all trades. Rosie touched down at Pango to lend a hand with design, manage the office and dance when her heart fancies it.

Here at Pango, our mission is to make people smile.

We send you love and greetings from near and afar.